The Wabi Sabi Collection

The collection is designed to be part art, part crafts and part material. 

Inspired from the Japanese philosophy, The Wabi Sabi Collection aims at reviving traditional Indian crafts and combining them with a modern sensibility. The pieces of furniture are characterised by a subtle vocabulary of minimal lines, blending local materials like teak and cane with brass and faux leather details. Exquisitely Asian, the Wabi Sabi collection represents the best of eastern design. The colour palette is earthy, neutral, and soothing. These pieces represent the industrial, as exemplified by the precise finishes -  and the traditional, shown to advantage in the cane weaving and the leatherette detailing. 

The collection is further categorised into four distinct segments. The Bethak, which has a range of sofas, single seaters, and chairs. Mej includes dining tables, trollies and coffee tables. Basera is a set of side tables and pouffes, while Parchayee is an assortment of mirrors and lamps.