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Our Story

Atelier, a pivot facilitating the protraction of Ashiesh Shah’s acclaimed architectural studio, was born from a vision to blur the boundaries between art and design in 2017. An extension to Shah’s design practice, Atelier Ashiesh Shah aims to pay homage to craftsmanship through this amalgamation of experimentation, craftsmanship and technique into a creative ecosystem for collaboration and development. For Shah, transitioning from interior to product design was a natural progression, propelled by years of designing custom furniture pieces for his esteemed clientele. Gravitating towards geometry, materiality and his simple Wabi-Sabi aesthetic, Atelier is a process-driven think-tank, debouching with ideas. Celebrating the philosophies of sustainability and empowerment, The Atelier is simply a composition of inventiveness, tapped by artists, coming together to narrate tales of evolving aesthetics.

Indian geometry and cosmic forms are the foundation of Atelier, finding presence in their identity and its ideology. Challenging the boundaries of scale and altering the perception of the lesser know crafts of India, the design objects manifested by the Atelier showcase an array of possibilities ranging from Channapatna in Karnataka to Longpi in Meghalaya, Dhokra in Chattisgarh to Kantilo in Odisha, Marble in Rajasthan to Cast Stone in Gujarat- creating a series of functional monoforms. The objects come together seamlessly to narrate tales of evolving aesthetics, layering culture, history and tactility to a contemporary context.