Shantiniketan Residence : Delhi

Located in one of Delhi’s most plush localities, the Shantiniketan house encapsulates Shah’s Wabi- Sabi aesthetic seamlessly paired with a calculated geometrical profile. Blurring the boundaries between the interior and the exterior, the space serves as an extension to the architecture it inhabits, interwoven with these built elements through careful consideration and vanishing thresholds, an ideal synthesis between the inside and out. The client's brief worked in absolute synchrony with the Atelier’s philosophy celebrating artisanship through the incorporation of skilfully crafted design objects exuding a sense of tactility and character to the spatial environment. Whether the Naga totems floating at the entrance, the Channapatna light suspended across the gazebo or the Dokra bar custom made in Chattisgarh, the interiors spew forth the essence of tribalism and handmade processes celebrated with a contemporary flair. The space also features antique collectibles sourced from Kochi and contemporary art pieces by the likes of Atul Dodiya, Prabhakar Pachpute and Ravinder Reddy having a true gallery-like appeal.

Designed for a family of five, the abundant natural lighting within helps accentuate the characteristics of the materials, colors and textures employed. Striking a balance between the interior and exterior, the living room masked in dark wood overlooks the outdoor landscape with a pristine white bench creating a rather pleasing vista. A celebration of detailed craftsmanship, fine materiality and geometry, the Shantiniketan House is truly an embodiment of balance, elegance and a refined aesthetic.