Penthouse : Mumbai

This residence is a marriage of ideas and conversations between an art patron and an architect, where no walls can remain bare. A dazzling apartment overlooking the Mumbai skyline, the space debouches with rare vintage furniture and site-specific works that come together to narrate tales of homeliness whilst having a gallery-like appeal, a true embodiment of perfection.

Housed in one of the youngest buildings on marine drive, Shah wanted there to be semblance with the outside, he wanted to establish a language of Art Deco throughout the home by inculcating soft- edged curves and retro fittings that is a perfect accompaniment to the stone and marble finishes Shreyasi gravitates towards.

The eye-catching duplex with richness, yet simplicity to highlight a collection of hand- picked artworks, has an organic staircase that sits perfectly focused as a sculptural element in itself and follows function as a calculated transitional threshold. An amalgamation of colour, form, function and pattern, the apartment radiates openness, warmth and highlighted artworks, finished exactly as Shah had planned.