Chivas Regal, the world's first luxury whisky, collaborates with the renowned architect, Ashiesh Shah to add a whole new dimension to festive gifting by bringing forth an exclusively designed limited edition pack. The collaboration blends the geometry of Indian architecture with the layered complexities swirling within Chivas Regal, luxury whisky, aged to perfection. This multi-layered and aggressively faceted limited edition pack draws parallels between the fine intricacies of Indian architecture and the blending expertise of Chivas, a rich, smooth and multi-tiered experience.

Enveloped in an architectural expression of cast concrete, the bottle finds itself cocooned within the seamless amalgamation of the multi-faceted blend of Chivas 12, Bombay and the infamous step-wells, triangulated through calculation with ultimate perfection. With this festive pack, Chivas is set to portray the magnificence of the many hidden treasures that India is privy to.  Featuring an abstraction of step-wells, the pack links back the splendor of Indian architecture to the layered, rich, and smooth taste of Chivas. It houses the Chivas 12 year old blend, surrounded by red facets that harmoniously combines style, substance and tradition, while delivering opulent flavors.

Aimed at curating an unprecedented melange focusing on bringing together a certain level of authenticity & exclusivity, the collaboration resonates with those, with an appreciation for the finer things, whether in art, architecture or life.