A series of water-coloured paintings by Shah find voice through this collaboration of soft furnishings with New York based, West Elm. This versatile capsule collection, inspired by patterns and drawings developed over the years can be plugged into spaces rather seamlessly and are in fact the progressors of tying together a larger setting. From sophisticated monochromatic pillow covers to hand-knotted rugs, the collection spews forth metallic undertones and overlaid cut velvet patterns working together to add layers of depth, dynamism and dimension. The Curve, Line Rugs are handcrafted to perfection from a soft blend of cotton and wool - their intersecting lines and geometric shapes form a motif that's striking in its simplicity. Having worked closely with Indian artisans, the ideology of West Elm, works in synthesis with Shah’s efforts to uplift handicrafts and this collection helps preserve craft traditions worldwide. The process, rather collaborative, technically and conceptually with rather foundational parameters allowing one to really celebrate this layered, textural exploration in entirety!