Channeling cosmic energy, the ‘Brahmaand’ collection dyed in hues of deep indigo is an exploration of visual dimension through gradient, texture and handmade perfection. Shah’s watercolor paintings are seamlessly translated into a series of hand knotted rugs through this collaboration with Jaipur Rugs. The collection spews forth the essence of the cosmos serving as a physical manifestation of elements from the universe. Capturing the mysteries of starlit night skies through its soft silhouettes, these effortless contemporary rugs draw inspiration from ancient Indian science and mysticism. 

An embodiment of sublimity and simplicity, the rugs are a result of an elaborate and meticulous series of processes. From its picking, hand-carding & spinning of wool into fine yarn to a series of extensive finishing processes, they exemplify this transient craft of weaving through its unparalleled artisanship. Precise ‘gultarashi’ molds the rug pile like troughs and crests of space-time, while timeless motifs and constellations crafted with intricate weaving and ‘zardosi’ embroidery illustrate discourses of being and non-being, illusion & reality; while beckoning to a world far out of our reach.  The forms of the rugs are rather organic and draw inspiration from the ancient geometry of India, the cosmos & the architecture of the ‘Jantar Mantar.’ Titled ‘Nakshatra, Manthan, Dwaar and Chanda,’ a fine concoction of various celestial elements, this collection through its depth, proportions & gradation serves as a mirror, bringing the universe at your feet.

The Manchaha rugs for Brahmaand are inspired by conversations between two designers : Ashiesh Shah and the weavers. The Manchaha rugs feature designs conceptualized by the weavers themselves with motifs and patterns inspired from their surroundings and daily lives. Ideas, myths, and folklore about the solar system, celestial bodies far beyond and the unperceivable universe are translated into intricate symbols and motifs paired with fine craftsmanship.